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Stop Chasing Leads.
Talk to Truckers Directly.

Targeted and Exclusive Commercial Trucking Leads Transferred to You by Phone and Integrated with your CRM.
Targeted Targeted
Warm Transferred Warm Transferred
Efficient Efficient
Easy CRM Integration Easy CRM Integration
Transfer Calls
Conversion Rates
Up and Running
Within 24 Hours
Account Manager
No Long Term
CRM Integration
The Lazy Way to Write Commercial Trucking Insurance

It's difficult to gain new business when you're busy cold calling the same truckers as everyone else.

We learned that the hard way.
That's why we chose to focus on gaining exclusive trucking leads that are actively looking for insurance themselves instead.
We'd love to send these prime leads to your phone - all you have to do is sign up!

  • Stop wasting your time: only get truckers on the phone that actually need insurance
  • Sky-rocket your closing rate by getting connected with truckers looking for insurance in real-time
  • Enjoy a true hands-off experience by taking advantage of our CRM integrations
Here's How it Works
  • You sign up and tell us what type of leads you need
  • We put our infrastructure to work and send insurance seekers to you automatically
  • You only deal with prime prospects and get to write insurance the lazy way!
Plug Right In, Start Making Sales Within 24 Hours

Keeping track of your KPI's and maintaining an efficient workflow is nearly impossible without using a CRM nowadays.

That's why we integrate with all the popular CRMs out there. Need something custom? All you have to do is ask!

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