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Using digital tools to simplify getting and maintaining business insurance

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Our Summary

Coterie is an insurtech company that integrates insurance into tools that a business already uses to make it easy to get insured. The company boasts partners such as Quickbooks and Briza that help it reach more consumers that need simple insurance solutions. 

Company Overview

Coterie was founded in 2018 and has headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a small company with just seven employee profiles, relying heavily on technology to drive insurance placement. This technology helps get hassle-free, accurate coverage because of data-driven automation. Insurance products are written by either Spinnaker Insurance Company or Benchmark Insurance Company.

Geographic Representation

Coterie is able to underwrite policies in 46 states. It will soon have insurance products for New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Lines of Coverage

Coterie has three lines of insurance that it sells.

The types of commercial insurance policies listed with Coterie Insurance are:

  • Business Owners Policy: A combination policy that has both general liability and commercial property in one plan.
  • General Liability Insurance: Financial protection against third-party claims of injuries or property damage. 
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Financial protection against claims stating your failed professional services led to injury or property damage. 

Coterie plans on adding workers’ compensation insurance to the mix in the near future. 

Top Industries Served

Insurance companies typically have what is referred to as an appetite for certain industries. This appetite means that the insurance carrier is comfortable with the risks of the industry and seeks out policies to underwrite – often at better rates than competitors who don’t have an appetite for the industry. 

Coterie Insurance has a broad appetite for business that includes: 

  • Accountants
  • Construction workers
  • Business services
  • Household services
  • Physicians

It takes just seconds to search through the industry list to find your industry.

Premium Costs

Coterie doesn’t advertise its rates or any specific discounts that it offers. However, we ran a baseline policy and received a ballpark quote for $25 per month for a business owners policy. That would translate to $300 per year which is a good baseline rate for this type of insurance. 

Underwriting Process

The Coterie Insurance experience is like having a conversation with an agent. The system asks simple questions about your company and guides you through what is necessary to get a quote. As you go through the process, you can see how certain insurance choices, such as a deductible, affect your rate. It takes just minutes to complete and you can bind coverage at the end. 

AM Best Ratings

An AM Best rating provides insight into the financial strength of a company. The better the AM Best rating, the more solvent and capable of handling massive claims a company is. Coterie does not underwrite its own policies. The two companies that do the underwriting have AM Best ratings: 

  • Spinnaker Insurance Company: A-
  • Benchmark Insurance Company: A

Complaint Index

The complaint index is a gauge of customer satisfaction. This ratio is established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The average score is 1.0. Scores over this benchmark have more complaints than expected for its size while scores below 1.0 have fewer complaints than expected. 

We looked at the two companies that underwrite the Coterie policies:

  • Spinnaker Insurance Company: 0
  • Benchmark Insurance Company: 0

Neither company had a complaint made in 2020. This is a positive indication that customers are happy with Coterie and its providers. 


We use Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau reviews to help us get a better understanding of what real customers have to say about insurance companies. Coterie Insurance doesn’t have either profile established so there is no information or insight regarding that.

Concluding Thoughts

Coterie Insurance is a good option for business owners looking for a fast, self-serve way to get insurance. The platform uses technology in a way to get more small business owners applying for insurance in a quick, easy-to-use manner. Coterie plans on adding workers’ compensation to the mix of products in the near future. 

Learn more about Coterie Insurance 

Methodology employs its own independent research to come up with the details for reviews. We do this so that you can have as many insights as possible about a company so that you can make the best decision for your commercial insurance. We take into consideration the company’s history and where they serve. We want to highlight the appetite that a company has as this suggests where business owners can get the most competitive rates. Where possible, we include premium data. From there, we take into account formal complaints, and financial strength ratings along with public reviews painting a broad picture of the company’s reputation.

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