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When it comes to understanding commercial insurance, where do you start? We understand that it can be overwhelming, so in this article, we will start with the basics of commercial insurance. We'll cover the insurance coverage your business may need (and the most affordable way to get it).

How Commercial Insurance Works

Let's say your business is damaged in a storm. The property is in disrepair and you can't afford the cost to repair it all yourself. So you submit a claim to your insurance company. They'll send out an adjuster who will assess the damage. In most cases, you'll have to pay for the repairs outright and the insurance company will reimburse you. You'll have to pay a deductible or copay, and the insurance will cover the rest. This is just one very basic example. To gain insight into other policies, click on any links that interest you throughout the article.

Consider a Business Owners' Policy

As a small business owner, you're probably trying to get the most bang for your buck, right? A business owners' policy is THE best way to do that. It's an insurance bundle offered to small businesses that typically includes these three coverages—at a great price!

  • Commercial property insurance: Just as it sounds, this insurance policy protects your building, inventory, and all equipment and machinery stored inside.
  • Business interruption insurance: If your business is damaged in a storm (or other covered event) business interruption insurance can help cover your operating costs and lost profits until you're able to reopen.
  • General liability insurance: General liability is also known as "slip and fall" insurance. Ir protects your business if a customer is injured or their property is damaged. It also protects you if you're sued for libel, slander, or copyright infringement.

All of these can be purchased as a separate policy, so choose whatever works best for your business.

Other Types of Liability Coverage

Depending on the type of business you own, you may want to consider some of these other basic insurance policies.

  • Commercial auto insurance: If you own delivery vehicles or use a personal car for work, you'll need to get this insurance.
  • Professional liability insurance: This insurance covers you if you're accused of things like negligence, missed deadlines, incomplete work, etc. Often referred to as malpractice insurance or errors and omissions insurance, it's recommended for anyone that offers professional services.
  • Workers' compensation insurance: In most states, you'll be required to get workers' comp if you hire any employees. It protects them if they're injured at work and helps pay their medical bills and lost wages.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage: Also known as "boiler and machinery" insurance, this insurance covers things like A/C, furnaces, and other equipment if they break down.

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