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Powder Coating Insurance

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After years of hard work, your powder coating company is picking up the pace, and the future looks great. Your sales are improving, your customers keep coming back, your telephone is always ringing, and you are moving one step closer to your version of the American dream. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately—a lot. 

Why Do I Need Insurance?

Powder coating involves a lot of complex moving parts—both in terms of the technical aspects of the work and the different liabilities. Your facility has stockpiles of potentially dangerous chemicals and industrial equipment. You handle other peoples’ property every day. Your employees and your customers enter your premises. Each of these factors increases your business’s risk, and finding the right insurance coverage isn’t easy. 

The more you research, the more complicated insurance becomes. There are thousands of companies offering hundreds of policies and mountains of regulations that vary from state to state. To simplify your research, here are some of the commercial insurance options for your powder coating service.

Types of Insurance Recommended for Powder Coating Businesses

General Liability Insurance

This policy covers the general risks that your business may encounter. These types of insurance cover all externalities that your business afflicts on third parties. If somebody trips on a loose wire on your premises, you won't be paying for the medical costs that come with it—your insurance policy will. It also protects against damage to your office space or property. 

Commercial Property Insurance

The building in which you host and run your business is one of your most substantial assets. It sits right at the top of your balance sheet, is a symbol of a strong business, and can be used as loan security. That's why it needs to be insured against risks such as vandalism, fire, smoke damage, and theft. All the bells and whistles of protecting your property all exist under one roof: property insurance

Business Owner Policy

A business owner's policy—often abbreviated to BOP—is a type of insurance made for small and medium enterprises to cover a wide range of risks the business may face. Under the business owner's policy, several risks and liabilities an enterprise may face are bundled under one package at an affordable price. A standard policy may include:

  • Property Insurance: This insurance covers your premises and property owned by your enterprise against several risks. Risks may consist of damage, theft, and even destruction.
  • General Liability Insurance: It provides protection against damage that your business accidentally afflicts to third parties, and it can cover costs such as medical bills and injuries.
  • Business Interruption Policy: Several factors may hinder your business operations for some time. This policy protects your business when unexpected interruptions occur and can cover lost wages/lost profit. 

With a BOP, you also can have other policies tailored for your specific business needs, such as data breach coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Maybe you started your business with one single truck, and you've grown it into a fleet. There's insurance for that, too. Repair, maintenance, and replacement of vehicles can eventually become prohibitively expensive as your fleet grows. Commercial vehicle insurance protects vehicles that may carry your employees, products, and services against damage and collisions. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Employee safety and satisfaction comes first in business. Also, litigation from an injured worker can easily bankrupt your organization; that's why we all need to keep our workers safe and happy. This policy takes the burden of paying for compensation and medical benefits off your back. If any employee gets hurt while on-the-job, workers compensation pays for the bill—often on the condition that the employee won't sue your organization.

Professional Liability Insurance

This insurance protects your company from lawsuits that may arise from unintended negligence or underperformance. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, you may fail to keep to your timeline or even to finish a given contract. An army of lawyers may soon show up on your doorstep with lawsuits that cost thousands of dollars. This insurance protects you from damages that may arise from such a situation.

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With all these coverage options in mind, it's clear that a business is better off with the right insurance, and you as the owner are better off with THE best deal. That's why we exist. Here at Tivly, we are dedicated to giving you the most affordable Insurance quotes. Call us today at 1-877-907-5267 or complete the form above. Let us be part of your journey as you insure your business.


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